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Project 3XN

new headoffice done 2015
  • Facts
  • Architect:3XN
  • Location:Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Area by fade:1500 m2
  • Product:albus

3xn Architects, well renowned and international architects, moved into newly refurbished offices in 2015. The building is an old workshop where the Danish Government build their Gunboats. The refurbishment is designed by 3xn and build in 2015. fade® har leveret akustikpudsvarianten Lithos for at matche arkitektens designønsker.

The materials used in the newly refurbished building was not great for indoor acoustics and the architect turned to acoustic plaster instead of traditional acoustic ceilings. The result is around 1500 m2 fade® acoustic spray plaster . The project was done with the textured and off white Lithos finish.

  • albus
    A smooth medium grain white
    finish available in pure white
    to suit design requirements.
    Light reflectance: 79% Standard colour: Pure white Read more
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