fade® Acoustical Plaster System


The system provides customers with an acoustical ceiling without visible joints.

By absorbing sound waves, the fade sound absorbing plaster system makes conversation clearer, even in harsh situations, by reducing reverberation time.
fade® Acoustic Ceilings delivers premium acoustical solutions to a variety of high end commercial, retail and residential spaces.

Highest sound absorption

The system offers great sound absorption.

Installed directly: absorption class B
Installed on a suspended construction: absorption class A

Installation of the System

The System can be installed onto every thinkable surface. For curved, domed and vaulted surfaces a mineral wool board with a lower density (60kg/m3) is used. This particular board can bend without it slitting.

The System offers a variaty of different ways to be installed. The System can be installed directly onto an existing ceiling such as concrete or plasterboard. The System can be installed on a suspended steel construction. Either way, the system does not require a layer of plasterboards before installation of the board.

Easy to clean & repair

The system does not contain any synthetic materials. Surface dust and dirt can be vacuumed off using a soft brush attachment or blown off using pressurized air.

The Acoustical Plaster System

The system consist of:

  1. A mineral wood board in different measurements
  2. fade® Acoustical Plaster.

The Acoustical Plaster system can be installed onto every thinkable construction – walls, curved, domed and vaulted surfaces.

Reduction of our CO2 emissions footprint

Fade Acoustic Ceilings is a production company and we emit CO2. Whilst we cannot avoid emitting CO2 we can work on initiatives that reduce our CO2 emissions footprint. We are actively working on limiting our CO2 emissions footprint with a range of innovative initiatives.

1 m2 acoustical plaster = 1 tree

Whenever fade Acoustic Ceilings sell 1m2 acoustical ceiling, fade Acoustic Ceilings plant 1 tree.
Interested in learning about Trees for the Future or in becoming a sponsor visit trees.org

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