Project Jätkäsaari School

Jätkäsaari School in Helsinki, Finland completed 2019.
  • Facts
  • Architect:AOR Architects
  • Location:Helsinki, Finland
  • Area by fade:1,500m2
  • Product:albus

Jätkäsaari School located in Helsinki, Finland, designed by AOR Architects and build in 2019.

When Erkko Aarti, Arto Ollila and Mikki Ristola from AOR Architects submitted their block-like rectangular the contemporary Finnish school design to represent its latest evolution.

AOR Architects won the design competition and today stands a very modern and contemporary refurbished Jätkäsaari School located in the former dock area and the evolving urban area south-west of the city center in Helsinki.

The design differs from that of a “regular” school and offers more open and flexible rooms with the hart of the building being the central lobby, lit by the spectacular sculptural skylights with large auditorium stairs and a stage.

fade® Acoustic Ceilings is very proud to have supplied 1,500m2 of the fade® Acoustic – Albus acoustic plaster to the project.


Photographer: ©Mika Huisman / Decopic

  • albus
    A smooth medium
    grain finish available in pure
    white to suit design
    Light reflectance: 80% Standard colour: Pure white Read more