Le Jules Verne (Eiffel Tower), Paris

ARCHITECT: Culture in Architecture
CONTRACTOR: Enterprise Meunier
LOCATION: Paris, France
PRODUCT: fade® Acoustic Plus+

Four hundred feet above the city a star hangs above Paris. Le Jules Verne restaurant is situated on level two of the most iconic landmark in the world — the Eiffel Tower. It owes its name to the famous Science fiction writer Jules Verne and enjoys a mythical setting, an invitation to discovery and travel..

When triple-michelin starred Frédéric Anton, decided to take the helm of the kitchen at to get off to a fresh start, it was decided that the restaurant would be completely renovated.’I attach a lot of importance to the service quality, the intimate setting and the extraordinary experience that we have to offer our clients.’ he said.

Founder of the Culture in Architecture studio, Aline Asmar d’Amman, aimed to infuse Jules Verne with the timeless elegance of French decorative art in a setting evocative of the delicate balance between raw and precious, just like chef Frédéric Anton’s creations. The giant windows of the restaurant reveal unobstructed views of Paris and natural light floods the entire restaurant to leave the diners with an unparalleled ambience.

One of the  key aspects of the ambience of any restaurant is the way it sounds. Thanks to fade® Acoustic Plaster Plus+, the acoustics of Le Jules Verne is impeccable. Our business partner in France, Icoustic , was closely involved in the acoustic design of the restaurant and Icoustic ensured the plaster our plaster was finished with incomparable quality. Finished in RAL 9003, the plaster blends in seamlessly with the overall architectural design making the visitors guess where the good acoustics come from.

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