Museum of the Future, Dubai

ARCHITECT: Killa Design
CONSULTANT: Buro Happold
CONTRACTOR: BAM International
PRODUCT: fade® Acoustic Plus+

The Museum of the Future located in Dubai, UAE, designed by award winning architects Killa Design is set for completion in late 2019. Driving down Sheikh Zayed, it is hard to miss the torus shaped and futuristic looking building with calligraphy covered facade.

The idea for the museum was envisioned by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and ruler of Dubai. The museum will be an incubator for innovation and invention (Its motto: “See the future, create the future.”) and will be Dubai’s center for creativity where visitors can see, touch and shape Dubai’s shared future.

The only thing that rivals the external design of the museum is its internal design. It consists primarily of GRP panels and glass cut to complement the calligraphy on the outside. However extensive use of acoustically reflective surfaces gave the designer a “headache” with echoes inside. fade® acoustic ceilings and it’s local partner Moov General Trading was involved early on in the design process and provided guidance and technical proposals to control reverberations. The result is fade® acoustic plaster fitted intricately inside of the calligraphy shells. As the architect wanted the acoustic solution to be invisible, they opted for our ultra smooth fade® Acoustic – Plus+acoustic plaster tinted to match the GRP calligraphy shells.

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