Project NTU Cosmology Hall

NTU Cosmology Hall in Taipei, Taiwan build 2017 & 2018
  • Facts
  • Architect:Kris Yao
  • Location:Taipei, Taiwan
  • Area by fade:1000 m2
  • Product:plus+
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The NTU Cosmology Hall located in Taipei, Taiwan, designed by the architect Kris Yao and build 2018.

Walking around Taipei in Taiwan you will come across a futuristic looking building with the depths of the vertical sunshades varying in a progressive sequence, to create an illusion of a sphere inside the cube that can be seen outside as one moves around the building. The architect wanted to create a building that would seek harmony with the surrounding environment while visually give an experience of a dynamic and changing façade.

A design that primarily consists of concrete and metal is not great for indoor acoustics. fade® acoustic ceilings was involved early in the design process and provided guidance and technical proposals. The result is around 1000 m2 fade® acoustic plaster. As the architect wanted the ceiling to be “heard but not seen” they opted for our ultra smooth fade® Acoustic – Plus+ acoustic plaster.

  • plus+
    An ultra smooth, fine grain super white finish. Sanded or trowelled to achieve a highly aesthetic acoustic solution. Light reflectance: 81% Standard colour: Super white Read more
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