Smooth Acoustic Plaster
fade® Acoustic – Albus acoustic plaster finish can be applied on virtually any surface in every environment including straight and curved walls, dramatic angles and arching domes offering a more flexible, discreet alternative to traditional acoustic solutions, such as suspended ceilings.

A smooth medium grain white finish available in pure white to suit design requirements.

  • Light reflectance
    80,0% as per ISO 18314-1, 2015
  • Standard color
    Nearest NCS color sample: S 0500-N
  • Any color
    The acoustic plaster can be supplied in a choice of RAL or NCS color options on request.
  • Fire testing
    Class A: A2s1d0 as per ISO EN 13501, 2007
  • Resistance to growth of mold
    Below 70% RH no growth as per ASTM D3273-16
  • VOC
    VOC: 0,014 mg/m²h / Formaldehyde: 0,0044 mg/m²h
  • Anti-static
    No static electrical charges
  • Cleaning and repair
    Surface dust and dirt can be vacuumed off using a soft brush attachment or blown off using pressurised air. Stains that have penetrated the surface and cannot be removed by the previous actions can be removed by applying a thin layer of plaster onto the embedded stain.
  • Fiberglass board thickness
    20mm / 25mm / 40mm.
    Other thicknesses are available on request.
  • Finishes available
    Fine texture/troweled/smooth
1 Direct installation

The acoustic board is installed directly onto a plasterboard, concrete or timber substrate with either approved adhesive or mechanically fixed with special fade® washers.

2 Direct-to-grid

The acoustic board is installed directly to a MF metal drywall grid system 400 mm c/c or similar with the special fade®

3 Acoustic Plaster without acoustic board

The acoustic plaster is sprayed directly onto a primed plasterboard or concrete substrate to a total thickness of 3mm.

Suitable substrates:

Regular gypsum wallboard, MF metal drywall grid system 400mm c/c or similar, concrete, previously painted substrates, timber/steel frame.

1. Choose your installation method
2. Choose your preferred method of fixing
3. Choose the thickness of the acoustic board
Absorption class for the selected system
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