Sky One, Melbourne

ARCHITECT: DKO Architecture
LOCATION: Melbourne, Australia
PRODUCT: fade® Acoustic Plus+

Located in the bustling heart of Box Hill at the corner of Station Street and Carrington Road, Sky One is Melbourne’s tallest suburban tower in one of the city’s fastest-growing, most exciting suburbs. The building was conceived out of Developer Golden Age Group’s vision “to create a dynamic, distinct building that would add vitality, vibrancy and quality to the local community and become a central hub for Box Hill”.

Sky One has 3 levels of retail space and over 400 apartments and what makes the building stand out is its iconic design, both inside and outside. Luxury residences provide top quality comforts in their living spaces and Sky One is no different. Among the plethora of amenities available to the residents is the swimming pool on Level 3.

One of the challenging aspects of building a high end swimming pool is getting its acoustics right. Fade Australia® was entrusted with providing a solution to reduce echoes that would provide users of the swimming pool with a tranquil atmosphere. They opted for fade® Acoustic plaster Plus+, which was neatly fitted on the ceilings by our fantastic Australian team. The plaster was finished with elegant strokes of white and grey that make it a triumph of design and function.

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