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Project The Silo

luxury apartments build 2017
  • Facts
  • Architect:COBE
  • Location:Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Area by fade:3000 m2
  • Product:plus+

The “HVA DRIKKER MØLR– Silo in Denmark, the most well-known silo in Denmark, has undergone a massive refurbishment during 2016 and 2017. Now 40 new luxury apartments is ready for purchase. The architects behind the massive project, COBE, has preserved the Silo’s identity and nerve really well.

The luxury apartments in The Silo are all different – not two apartments are the same size. They however all have the same look and expression. A design that primarily consists of concrete and wood is not great for indoor acoustics. fade® acoustic ceilings was involved early in the design process and provided guidance and technical proposals. The result is around 3000 m2 fade® acoustic spray plaster . For most of the apartments the lightly textured Albus finish, was chosen. Some of the apartments has had the ultra smooth PLUS+ finish done.

At the end of 2017 fade® Acoustic Ceilings are supplying 450m2 colored acoustic spray plaster (dark grey) for the restaurant at the top of the building.

Photos: Rasmus Hjortshøj – COAST

  • plus+
    An ultra-smooth, fine grain super
    white finish. Sanded or
    trowelled to achieve a
    highly aesthetic acoustic
    Light reflectance: 83% Standard colour: Super white Read more