Acoustic ceilings

An outstanding and seamless acoustic ceiling system

Noise, echoes and poor acoustics in rooms with hard surfaces made from plasterboard, wood or concrete contribute to a hugely stressful and uncomfortable indoor environment. Poor acoustics, noise and echoes can be easily fixed with an acoustic ceiling. Unlike certain types of acoustic boards or acoustic ceiling systems that are being installed partially on walls or ceilings, a fade® acoustic ceiling covers the total ceiling area and provides a large and uninterrupted surface that fights unwanted noise.

With a fade® acoustic ceiling system you get a seamless and highly flexible acoustic ceiling that fits design requirements. With our acoustic ceilings, you do not have to settle when trying to combine aesthetics and flexibility with great absorption. With the best absorption level (Class A/95% absorption) the fade® acoustic ceiling effectively fights unwanted noise and provides a great acoustic environment.

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Our highly effective acoustic ceiling system is extremely flexible and the ceiling system can be designed completely according to your personal wishes or design requirements. The acoustic ceiling system supports installation on arching domes, curves and dramatic angles – limited only by imagination. You can choose between an extremely smooth, lightly textured and textured finish for your acoustic ceiling. Any NCS or RAL colour available upon request. Have a look at some of our projects and be inspired.

The acoustic spray plaster that is spray applied onto the special acoustic boards is manufactured in Europe using only the best ingredients – this way we ensure that your acoustic ceiling is the best quality at all times.

The acoustic ceiling system is completely free of hazardous additives and is odorless. The ceiling system is moreover highly resistant to humidity and UV exposure and preserves its natural colour throughout its life. Minor damages to the ceiling are easily repaired – either by yourself or by one of our licensed installers.

By absorbing as much as 95% of the unwanted noise in a room our acoustic ceiling is ideal in private residences, schools, shopping malls, office buildings, hospitality industry among others.

We offer a flexible, high performance and beautiful acoustic ceiling system that fights unwanted noise and suit design requirements.


Easy og quick installation

With just a few steps our acoustic ceiling system is installed and ready to absorb unwanted noise.

Our special acoustic boards made from mineral wool in the following thicknesses, 20, 25 and 45mm are either mechanically fixed or fixed using adhesive directly to an existing ceiling or on a suspended metal grid system. A fade® acoustic spray plaster finish of your choosing is spray applied to the acoustic boards and leaves you with a seamless acoustic ceiling system.

Selected Projects

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