VillAnn Wingardh Akustikputs


Luxurious home done 2005
  • Facts
  • Architect:Wingårdh Architects
  • Location:Särö, Sweden
  • Area by fade:300m2
  • Product:

VillAnn is the name of this luxurious home. Designed by Wingardh architects and done in 2005. The private home is located in scenic surroundings in Särö, Sweden. fade® has supplied a colored acoustic plaster in order to match the design guidance set out by the architect.

The materials used in the luxurious home was not great for indoor acoustics and the architect turned to acoustic plaster instead of traditional acoustic ceilings. The result is around 300m2 fade® acoustic spray plaster . The project was done with a textured and colored Albus finish.

  • Light reflectance: Standard colour: Read more
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