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Project Wadden Sea Center

Museum & exhibition center, 2016
  • Facts
  • Architect:Dorthe Mandrup
  • Location:Ribe, Denmark
  • Area by fade:1200 m2
  • Product:

The old Wadden Sea Center, located near the Danish Wadden Sea, has undergone a massive refurbishment during 2016 and are now ready for visitors.

The high-end project, finished in 2016, is designed by Dorthe Mandrup Architects from Denmark. The materials used in the newly refurbished building was not great for indoor acoustics and the architect turned to acoustic plaster instead of traditional acoustic ceilings. The result is around 1200 m2 fade® acoustic spray plaster . The project was done with the lightly textured Albus finish.

Exhibition Architect: JAC studios
Digital Ornithologist Installation: Jason Bruges Studio
Photographer: Adam Mørk

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